I'm going to post Winx Club stuff here. I'll probably post other girly stuff here too, like Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica.

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I really want a magical girl version of Cinderella, where instead of transforming for the ball she transforms to fight bad guys, and she has to struggle to save herself from her terrible home life and becoming a badass femme heroine helps her do that and maybe eventually she finds out that her arch-enemy is actually the wicked stepmother and defeats her in an epic battle of love and friendship and cute woodland creatures and magic. 

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Sailor Moon 2048 anyone?

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So, I’ve been thinking about soul gems and I came to a realization. The soul gems are all placed at locations that correspond to their wish. So, I’m going to analyze their wishes and how it affects the location of their soul gems.

Tomoe Mami

If you recall, Mami…